Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Priice Albert - poem by Sarah Bunge

Prince Albert

The winter's are long in this cold northern town
and the sun it sets early at night
But even in daytime some things happen here
that I know in my heart are not right

Three people froze to death already this year
having spent all the night in the snow
In allyway snowbanks their bodies were found
frozen stiff with the bite of the cold

Their deaths are a tragedy, or so we all say,
as we wonder what more can we do
We'll make grand plans and decisions, yet in a few weeks
we'll forget the tragedy we're referring to

So many pass silently, just disappear
the homeless, the sick and alone
The girl on the corner who is selling herself
For a fix, a dollar or a simple ride home

How many will come here and meet the same fate
these people we try to ignore
What will it take for our eyes to see
the souls we could not see before

Yet there's hope for this town if we all come together
and discard old divisions and fear
If we laugh and we smile the winter will pass
with the warmth of the sun, spring draws near

Sarah Bunge

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